The second day I accomplished my goal of making a bigger mess, both on purpose and accidentally. I also had to go back and change some of the initial angles and redo the earlier proportions that I had made.  The original were too big. They were so big that had I continued to draw the chair, it would have gone completely off of the page. I think this happened because although my proportions within themselves were done well, I went in thinking that the drawing/sketch should be as big as possible since we were asked to take up the whole page. So I had to erase and begin again. This time I was more sure with the string as a tool to create angles and measure proportions. By the end of this day, I was very happy that I had made a mess, because it’s something I struggle with in art/life among other things. I definitely notice the details of chairs more often now when sitting down or walking around campus. It kind of cool how diverse the make-up of a chair is.