We were introduced to charcoal as a new media. I had worked with it before, but was too afraid to continue to work with it. These images are a couple of photos I took of what I had accomplished the first day we were put to work using the charcoal. We were told to be bold and make a mess. I found it kind of hard to get the line quality that I wanted when using the charcoal. Depending on how I held the charcoal, I could make thick or thin lines-which both interested me and frustrated me. During this first day, I really was not interested in making a mess so I made that a personal goal for the next day of working with the charcoal.

We were also introduced to plumb-lines, angles and proportions using string. The first day of using this method felt extremely alien to me, but I began to see why it is used and how it could help me with my art.