February 9, 2011-
Shapes…Light….Not an object

It’s a really interesting sometimes difficult, sometimes comforting concept to focus on light or shape rather than the object.

A still-life was creating using boxes, pipes and paper and we were told to focus on the shapes.  It was hard for me to see what Nell meant in the beginning, but then once I started to see more of the negative spaces and see how they in addition to lighting basically allow us to make sense of what we’re seeing, I started to get excited.

I still very much used the string method to get correct angles and proportions, but this time it wasn’t as much of a frustration or nuisance as it was when we did the chair. The string felt like a simple piece of efficiency.  I did have a bit of difficulty focusing on the negative space in the beginning.  I would start to draw negative space, but a few times I would stop and end up actually drawing the object.  Seeing others’ quick studies helped to prove to me that if I could truly stick to drawing negative space confidently, then the object would come out the way they should.