So this new project involves animals! I love animals, even though I’m scared of most of them.

We were asked to choose a few animals and mine were: HORSE, FALCON, TIGER.

I chose the horse because they’ve always been one of my favorite animals.  You can see their muscles working from the outside, even when they’re just walking.  I also love them because of the books I used read about horses.  They also spoke of horses as something delicate, full of emotions and some type understanding.

Falcon – One of my brothers LOVES falcons.  He really wants a pet falcon.  He always talks about how he’s going to buy a wrist guard for safety and that he’ll just wait for me (as the big sis) to somehow get the falcon for him.

Tiger – Around the time I was my sister’s current age (10) I was obsessed with tigers; specifically orange tigers with green eyes. These are also two of my favorite colors, by the way.


Creation of my final product:

I used a pine cone, pins, a plastic smoothie cup from Mollie’s Cafe, a few copper metal rings, sharpie marker, white lace material, orange cloth and staples.

At the time of this project I was really home sick…or more like family-sick.  I was really missing my mother, brothers, sister, aunt and uncle.  My mother, siblings and I are the only ones who live here in the U.S. and it’s rare that we get the chance to speak to our family in Jamaica and my aunt in London.  I haven’t seen them since I was about 4 years old, so it’s been 17 years..even more for my mom.  We’ve also had so many issues with having my uncle come to the U.S. from Jamaica and even with my aunt getting a visa to come visit from London.  I really missed them and was extremely overwhelmed by that feeling.  As usual the circumstances (good & bad) have an effect on your artwork.

Soon the project became something totally connect to my family and I wanted to make something to represent us to help work through it, if possible.  The object that made up my project because to symbolize different/more important things about my family:

-pine cone (falcon head)- my brother; also erectness of head – my mother
-plastic cup (body) – protective covering also distorts what you see on the inside
-copper rings inside (treasure, delicate insides) – my younger brother…there’s so much intelligence and love and softness in him that might not be visible if you just saw him walking by
-one wing – though we appear paralyzed/down from the outside, that falcon head is still lifted, because we’ve survived and still fly
-orange/black (tiger) – my little sister