Self-Portrait TIME!!

So I usually don’t get too excited about self-portrait. I’ve only done it once before and it was an oil paint of me playing the saxophone.  it turned out pretty good, but I wasn’t really satisfied, though to this day I’m not sure why.  I was really excited about this one though.  I’ve become a fan of charcoal, even though I was terrified of it before I even came to this class.  I would see my friends back do amazing work with it, then be too afraid to try out myself.  For this reason, I’m really grateful for the opportunity to try this again in a classroom setting.

I can see how the exercise with the still-life of boxes, pipes and papers applies to this project.  Instead of focusing on the image of ourselves in the mirror as a face, we start with light and go from there. This focus on lightest light to the darkest dark and the areas in between kept me from being so overwhelmed on this project to the point where I don’t finish project (which has happened plenty of times before in other art and academic classes).

I was so happy to stand back and be able to say excitedly, “THAT’S MY NOSE!!”…”Wow!”.
I paid enough attention to detail that I could recognize it and that was my first personal reward of the project.

 *so I was truly terrified of starting my lips so the paper looked like this for about an hour. Once I got over that and focused on variations of light this is what came out:

 was even enjoying my chin in this. I am so in love with this project and its meaning for me.

I think there are place where I could work on smoothing out the texture.  Sometimes I like the roughness and sometimes I really want that smooth quality…

I really love (still loving it, even though we’re done) because I’ve just become ok with myself and what I look like.  I can look at myself when I wake up and believe that I look good, that I’m beautiful and hope you feel the same way about yourself when you look into my eyes.  To come to this point in my life is big for me.  Then being forced to look at myself in the mirror, not for a quick once-over, but for hours was amazing to me….I was so happy to be more than okay with that. Then to take it a step further and have to put it on paper, basically showing others what you see and putting yourself out there (literally) for others to see.  It was an amazing process for me and I enjoyed every moment of it. I really don’t remember having one stressful moment while doing this project.  ❤

Bethany W.

Also I really enjoyed the Bethany Walters’ final product…especially the area between her nose and chin..because it’s so uniquely her. I could easily guessed it as her mouth, because she stayed that true to our proposed method. (See above)