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February 7-

*They looking nothing like the subject thought they were the same, but I can still see similarities between the two sketches. Loved the sharpie marker!*

On this day we took a stab at blind contour drawing.  During the opening of the class Nell said that this would be a relaxing experience (and I’m not sure why I would doubt her, knowing she’s been teaching this for years), but I didn’t believe her.  We used our hands as the object we were drawing and were only allowed to look at that.  There was no looking down at the paper…nothing existed but the subject (our hand).  We alternated between dominant and non-dominant hands as well as different media. I used sharpie which I liked the best, especially in my non-dominant hand.  I didn’t enjoy charcoal, fine sharpie pens or color pencil too  much for this short project.

I was really stressed out with other classes and work on and off campus and this just seemed like another thing to stress out about when I got to class.   About 15-20 minutes into the exercise though, I was necessarily enjoying myself, but I was definitely relaxed.  If you’re only focused on looking (eyes on the subject) and moving (only eyes and one hand) then there really shouldn’t be anything to worry about.  It reminded me of a dance workshop that an Agnes Scott alum taught where she had the lights off, a candle in each corner, music sometimes on, sometimes off. The atmosphere was peaceful and just there and we had freedom to move out bodies instead of our minds/thought process. It was great. I’ll be honest, I don’t love blind contour, but I definitely can appreciate it now.